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COPY OF CUSTOMS PUBLIC NOTICE No.28/2000. 7th August, 2000

Careful appointment of Customs House Agents (CHAs) by the Exporters/Importers - regarding
Attention of Importers/ Exporters, Trade bodies & others is drawn to the provisions of section 146 of the Customs Act,1962 which envisages that no person shall carry on business as agent relating to the import or export of goods at any customs Station unless person holds a Licence granted in this behalf in accordance with the Customs House Agents Licencing regulations 1984 (CHALR '84) and subject to the observance of procedure relating thereto.

It may be reiterated that every Licence granted or renewed in favour of a Licensee can not be transferred or sold to any person.

The Importers/Exporters are advised that at the time of engaging of a CHA, they should check and ensure the following:

( i ) that the Clearing Agent holds a Customs Licence.

( ii ) that the rates quoted by the CHA for clearance of goods are in accordance with the rates notified by the Commissioner.

( iii ) that there should be stamp of the CHA who has been engaged (by the Exporter/Importer) on the body of Entry/Shipping Bill.

( iv ) that the customs clearance charges are paid only to the Customs House Agent whose stamp and licence Number is mentioned on the body of the Bill of Entry/Shipping Bill.

The aforesaid guidance are bought to the notice of the Importers/Exporters in order to enable them to ensure that only a Licenced Customs House Agents are engaged by them and that Customs Clearance work is not given to any unauthorized person.

- (Siddarth Kak) Commissioner of Customs (General)

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